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The comedy podcast that sees how movies, and our memories, stand the test of time.

Aug 31, 2014

People has claimed that our show is created using wax paper and crayons, so we thought we'd use this idea and revisit Paperhouse. But, what will we find inside?

Aug 24, 2014

This week the boys creep behind the iron curtain to steal away their memories of Clint Eastwood's Firefox. The question is whether these precious thoughts have been turned against decadent Western imperialism? 



Aug 17, 2014

This week our intrepid Histograviewers explore the messy world of the Demon Seed. Will they emerge intact? Listen to find out...

Aug 10, 2014

This week Martyn Darkly and Gentleman Joe explore the hazy memory of a childhood hero with highly questionable fashion-sense. 

That's right...preapre for the glory that might have been 'Condorman'


Aug 3, 2014

In this pilot episode of the new I Saw That Years Ago podcast, your hosts Martyn Darkly and Gentleman Joe cast their untrustworthy memories back towards the science mindbender Altered States to see what they remember. Then, as is the way with ISTYA, they watch the film again to see how it holds up.