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The comedy podcast that sees how movies, and our memories, stand the test of time.

We've launched a Patreon!

Nov 23, 2018


Patreon ISTYA

Give the gift of financial incentives this Christmas!

As we near our 200th episode, myself and Joe have decided it's time to give you lovely listeners the chance to reward our deranged efforts by plying us with cold, hard cash.

To make this possible we've launched a Patreon, which is a service that allows podcast creators to be funded by their listeners.

You can sign up to various monthly subscriptions, which start as low as £3/$4 and go higher if you want to choose the film we watch, receive a personally drawn film poster of highly dubious quality by me and Joe, or even be a guest on the show.

It's a chance to give back to the two sad cases who have endured such cinematic hardship on your behalf.

Of course you don't need to give us money, the show will always be free, but as the winters draw in, and the nights grow colder, being able to afford another lump of coal at ISTYA towers could mean we survive Christmas at least one more time.

For more details visit our Patreon page-

God bless us, everyone!